Amazon Simple Email Service

# Method 2:

Reaching Amazon Through Your E-mail Client:

Step 1: Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon Email Service

Log in to your email customer. How you do this will depend upon what email customer you utilize. The most widely recognized email customers are Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo.Amazon Simple Email Service.

Step 2:

Amazon Simple Email Service

Make another email. That means to do this will vary depending upon your email customer, Email Service. In Yahoo and Gmail, you’ll have to tap on the “Compose” button. In Hotmail or Outlook, tap on
the “new” option, which is next to a plus sign.

Step 3:

Amazon Simple Email Service

Enter “primary@Amazon ” in the “Top” field. @ is the email address for the customer service. Make a point to check subsequent to entering the address to stay away from any spelling errors.

Step 4:

contact amazon

Enter the subject of your email in the “Subject” field. Make the subject of your email a brief, enlightening sentence. Notice the idea of your request, however, don’t put excessively detail in the subject.

Step 5:

Amazon Simple Email Service

Type your request or comment in the message body. Make certain to incorporate however much important data as could reasonably be expected to quicken the Amazon Customer Service process. For example, if you’re writing about a package you haven’t received, include the order number, and the time you submitted the request. You don’t have to include information, for example, the purpose behind the request. Amazon Simple Email Service.

Step 6:

Amazon Simple Email Service

Send your email. You can typically find this button at the bottom of the page, under the body of the email. The average wait time for a reaction from Amazon is commonly 10 minutes.

If you did not understand by this method, you can use another method which I mentioned it below.

Amazon Customer Service Email   <<<==== Method 1, Reaching to customer care through your Email

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