Amazon Customer Service Email

Amazon Customer Service Email:

Basically, there are two methods to Email Amazon Customer Service, which I am going to explain. So I hope you will get satisfied by reading this article and if you have any queries, let me know.

#Method 1:

How to contact Amazon Customer Care Through Their Website:

amazon customer service email

If you are contacting Amazon Customer Care or registering a complaint by calling to their Help-line Number /Toll-free Number, and you are not satisfied with the Amazon Customer Service, you can make contact by emailing them to their official website @

Yes, you are right. You can Email Amazon Customer Service. If you have a problem with an order or an Amazon product, click on this link   or paste it into the search bar and hit enter to go through the page. After clicking on the link, you will get the Amazon’s contact us page. You need to sign in or log in to this page. If you are not logged in, type your email address and password to sign into your account and gain access to the amazon customer service email.

Here are some steps to follow to contact amazon customer service email through their website:

Step 1:

amazon customer service email

  •  Begin on the Amazon Homepage.
    Depending upon your area, the location will differ. Enter or you use their official website @ in your browser’s address bar in case you’re in the US.

The Amazon site will typically identify on the off chance that you are from outside the US, and will guide you toward the proper site.

Step 2:

amazon customer service email

  •  Click on the “help” button, near the top of the screen.

Step 3:

amazon customer service email

  • Drift over the “Need More Help” alternative and tap on “Get in touch with Us.” You’ll likely need to look down a bit to discover this segment, under the “Browse Help Topics” segment. You may have the capacity to discover a solution to your inquiry through this help topics and not have to contact amazon customer service email.

Step 4:

  • Sign in with your Amazon information. After clicking on “Contact Us,” you’ll be taken to a page requesting your qualifications. You’ll have to enter the email address utilized for your Amazon account with your password.

In the event that your Internet browser signs in to Amazon automatically, you should not have to perform these steps.

Step 5:

amazon customer service email

  • Choose your request under “What can we help you with?. This segment gives Amazon a chance to limit the explanation behind reaching them. This encourages your communication with them and guarantees your request gets to the perfect individual. The alternatives in this area should read:

> A request I placed. Pick this for issues, for example, late packages or harmed/damaged things.

Amazon gadgets and Kindle applications and you can reach their official website i.e, for Amazon Kindle   and for Amazon Gadgets

This selection will give you a chance to contact Amazon about issues with a Kindle or Amazon’s mobile applications.

> Digital Services. Amazon offers more than retail services; pick this choice on the off chance that you have an issue with another of their services, (for example, Amazon Video) amazon customer service email.

Prime or something different. In the event that you have an issue with your Amazon Prime account, or your question doesn’t fall inside the other three categories, choose this one.

Step 6:

amazon customer service email

  • Pick your issue beginning from the drop menu. You can discover it in ‘Tell us more about your issue’ option. The list will get changed depending upon the source of your inquiry.
    For instance, in the event that you picked “An order I placed”, you’ll discover alternatives that include “Payment issues”, “Change an Order” and “Where’s my stuff?”.

> Picking the correct choice will tell Amazon exactly what issue you’re encountering. This will guarantee your request reaches the right person.

Depending on the option you choose, more drop-down menus may show up: “Select issue details” and “Select additional details”. Pick the correct options, based on your request.

Step 7:

amazon customer service email

  • Click on ‘Email’ button under the ‘How would you like to contact us?’ section. This field will show up subsequent to having chosen the idea of your request.

Note that the “Email” choice might be turned gray out in specific circumstances, as Amazon might prefer you contact them by phone or chat. Think about these options to determine your the problem, or pick an alternate request in case you’re resolved to email Amazon.

Step 8:

amazon customer service email

  • Type the content of your email in the container under “Enter additional information.” In some situations, Amazon will have a layout previously entered, planned to direct you as you type your email. You can choose to follow the format, or erase the whole content to begin starting with no outside help.

Step 9:

amazon customer service email

  • Tap on “Send E-mail”. The message you entered will be sent from the email address linked to your Amazon account. Keep an eye on your email, as you’ll get Amazon’s reply there directly.

# Method 2:

I will provide you with the second method through which you can contact with the Amazon’s representative in my next article. You can also reach through this link

If you want toll free number then follow here Amazon toll free number 

Also, You can Use This: